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Product Policy


At New Leaf Market Co-op, we proudly provide high quality, fairly priced food and household products, which enrich our local community. We have high product standards in which vendors and producers apply to be carried at the Co-op and undergo a rigorous review process before being accepted. All of our vendors must have good food safety practices, as well as abiding by all applicable laws and regulations regarding food safety.

We favor products that are items that are popular with our customers, locally or regionally produced, Certified Organic and items from other Cooperatives. We have developed great relationships with many of our vendors and are well informed on the products we carry so that shopping can be made easy. Please consult our staff if you have questions regarding our product standards.

To meet these goals, we prioritize the following attributes when making our product choices:

1. Community demand

2. Local products (within 200 miles)

3. Certified organic or naturally grown

  1. USDA Certified Organic products.
  2. “Naturally grown” products produced without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.
  3. Transitional Source, products from farms in the process of becoming certified organic (they complete our questionnaire describing their practices in detail).

4. Products made and/or sold by cooperatives

5. Regional products (beyond our 200 mile radius in surrounding states: Georgia and Alabama.)

6. Best Available (when organic or local product is not available or not available at a reasonable price, we will sell products clearly marked as conventional)

Objectionable ingredients: We encourage our customers to read product labels, to contact manufacturers with questions about ingredients.

Boycott Goods: Generally, we encourage customers to exercise their own judgment about products they prefer to avoid, no matter what the reason. In very narrow circumstances, we may discontinue a product because of a social or political concern.

GMO Labelling: We support GMO labeling.


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