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Bag It Forward


March's Recipient:

Oak Ridge Elementary School’s mission is to help students become respectful, responsible and independent learners as they prepare to reach their full potential and achieve success in a complex society.

Belief Statements:
• All students can learn.
• Students learn in different ways and therefore will be provided with a variety of instructional approaches.
• Student learning is a shared responsibility of the school, parents/guardians, and community.
• Comprehensive research-based instructional strategies and staff development are essential for student success.
•  A well organized and disciplined environment creates an atmosphere of learning.

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The Bag it Forward donation program allows the Co-op to offer our customers a 10¢ incentive for each bag you use and then we ask if you’d like to donate your dime to a local non-profit organization. We match every bag incentive forwarded to charity; that’s two donations for the price of one! Potentially, every reusable bag you use equals 20¢ donated to a local non-profit organization. 

In 2017 – 2018, we’ve donated over $6,000 to various local organizations.

Reusing bags reduce wastes, energy use, and materials needed for disposable bag production. And in many cases durable cloth or plastic bags can hold more without breaking or tearing.

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Nominate Your Organization !

Nominations for the following month are taken between the 1st and the 15th day of the current month. New Leaf staff votes for the top two finalists for the organization of the month for the highlighted month. Once we pick the top finalists, we reach out to the public to vote for the organization of the month from the finalist selected. The organization with the most votes will win as the Bag It Forward organization for the following month!

In order to spread the love far and wide, organizations can only be selected once per the calendar year. This will allow us to support more organizations throughout the year.

Submissions are open to the community.

Fill out the form, Nominate your favorite organization and they will become a candidate in the next voting period. If you have any questions about the Bag It Forward donation program, please email afletcher@newleafmarket.coop.






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