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Change For Change Register Round-up Program


The Donation Program Formerly Known As Bag It Forward

Why are donations and bag refunds linked together? We hear you and want to make our charitable and environmental programs work the way you want them to. So, we’re officially pulling them apart, and making some adjustments to help local non-profits even more. Since Bag It Forward’s inception, in April of 2017, you’ve raised over $16,500, one dime at a time! That’s 25 individual non-profit organizations (and counting) benefiting from your generosity. We think we can do even better, without tying them to your reusable bag refunds. That means a donation is even easier on those days when you forget your bags or simply don’t need any, and that you can get your refunds back, or give a smaller amount if you choose.

Introducing Change for Change. You’ve seen this before, it’s a simple set-up; at the end of your transaction, you may elect to “round-up” to the nearest whole dollar amount. When you round-up, all of the additional change from your transaction goes toward the Change for Change organization for that month. Many people at New Leaf are involved in the selection and will pre-select one non-profit organization for each month. Any 501c3 organization is welcome to and encouraged to apply!

November's Recipient:

One in five people in the Big Bend experience hunger on a regular basis. Every month Second Harvest of the Big Bend provides more than 785,000 meals. But the number of people in need is more than twice that amount.

Ten pounds of donated food provides approximately 8 meals for a family. A $10 contribution allows Second Harvest to obtain 50 lbs. of food, or 40 meals for a family.

The numbers of those in need continue to increase, so they continue working to increase the amount of food available. They hope that you will join them as they fight hunger and feed hope!

www.fightinghunger.org @secondharvestofthebingbend

Interested in becoming a Change for Change recipient? Just complete the form below and your organization will be considered! Find complete program guidelines here.



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