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Bannerman Crossings FAQ


We regret to inform you that our store located in the Bannerman Crossings Shopping Center will close permanently in a few weeks. The last day of sales at Bannerman will be on Sunday, September 17. The closure will be announced to the public this coming Thursday. Our Apalachee Parkway location (Parkway) remains and will remain open.

We are still looking for leads on a sub-lessee for the Bannerman Crossings location. If you or your business are interested in more information please contact the Board of Directors at board@newleafmarket.coop

Store Closing

Why are you closing?

  • Sales. The sales at Bannerman have simply not been strong enough to support the store. After many changes and promotions over the past 18 months, we still have not seen the kind of sales growth originally projected.

Will Parkway close too?

  • No! Parkway continues to have strong sales, but not strong enough to cover losses at Bannerman.

When are you closing?

  • Bannerman’s official closing date is end-of-day on Sunday, September 17. After then, our doors will remain closed, but we will be working to redistribute products and equipment.

I’ve reserved the Community Room at Bannerman Crossings. What can I do?

  • If your reservation is prior to Bannerman’s closing date, there will be no change. If your event falls after that date, please contact us at diane@newleafmarket.coop. We will try to accommodate your event at Parkway where possible.

I have an idea to keep you open!

  • Thank you for thinking about the Co-op and of ways to keep us going. We have thought long and hard about this decision. The Board of Directors and Management all agree that this is the best option for us at this time. Please feel free to contact us at nlm@newleafmarket.coop, or leave a comment card with your suggestions. We are always looking for ways to improve our store and may be able to apply your idea to Parkway in the future.

What can I do to help?

  • The most important thing you can do to help us right away is to spread the word. We know that rumors will crop up, and we want to be proactive about communicating the facts. NLMC is not closing. Only our Bannerman location is closing. We will continue to serve our community with a great selection of all-natural and organic groceries at our flagship store.
  • Join today! If you are not yet an owner, you can start taking advantage of Owner sales with an installment of only $25. Every Owner helps to bolster the Co-op.


Bannerman Operations

How will this affect day-to day operations?

  • We are committed to providing our customers with staple items.
  • Product quantities may vary more than usual at Bannerman; otherwise it will be business as usual.

What will happen to the staff at Bannerman?

  • We are reviewing our staffing needs now. We plan to transfer as many employees as we can from Bannerman to Parkway.

Will products be discontinued?

  • As always, our product mix is determined by sales. There may be some small changes to our over all mix once we consolidate. However, we are committed to supporting local producers, and will continue to strive to meet our customers needs and preferences.

What will you do with the equipment at Bannerman Crossings?

  • We will move some equipment to Parkway to improve reliability and energy efficiency. Some equipment will be sold to local businesses and to other Co-op grocery stores. If you are interested in finding out more about available equipment, please contact our General Manager at ben@newleafmarket.coop.


Pricing & Returns

Will returns be accepted at Bannerman prior to closing? Can I return products at Parkway?

  • Returns will be accepted as usual at both stores until Bannerman closes. Items purchased at Bannerman can be returned at Parkway.
  • Return Policy: We guarantee the quality of our product. A refund will be given within 14 days with a receipt; with the exception of all supplements, vitamins, and body care products. A store credit or exchange will be issued without receipt, with the exception of supplements, vitamins, and body care. Supplements, vitamins, and body care refunds will be issued within 30 days with a receipt. No refunds, exchanges, or credits will be issued for supplements, vitamins, or body care without a receipt.

Will prices go up?

  • We do not anticipate an increase in prices. Our hope is that we will actually be able to offer more discounts once we have consolidated both stores!

Will there be closing sales?

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for up-to-date info on upcoming sales.

What happens with my promos/coupons?

  • All valid promos and coupons will be accepted at either location. In the rare event that your promo or coupon specifies redemption at Bannerman only, you may disregard that language.

How does this impact my gift cards/promos/coupons?

  • All valid NLMC gift cards, promos, and coupons are accepted at both locations.


Ownership & Owner Loans

What happens to my Ownership?

  • Even if you became an Owner at Bannerman, you already receive Owner benefits at Parkway. You can shop with us at our flagship store, and continue to receive Owner Deals pricing and case discounts. If you choose to cancel your Ownership, we will be sad to see you go but will gladly refund your fees in full.

I joined at the Bannerman Crossings location; can I receive Owner Deal prices at the Parkway location?

  • Yep! NLMC Ownership applies to both stores.

Why should I continue to shop at New Leaf?

  • For the same reasons you currently shop here. NLMC is Tallahassee’s truly local organic grocer and is owned by over 14,000 community residents. Shopping at the Co-op helps support many local businesses and keeps your money in your community.
  • Visit Local Business Saturday for more information on why shopping local is important.

I loaned money for the expansion/I’m moving and want to cancel my ownership, etc. What can I do?

  • NLMC is not going bankrupt; we intend to pay all of our debts accrued at Bannerman. This includes Owner Loans.
  • We will contact Owner Loaners directly with additional information.
  • Yes, your investment is fully refundable in the event you become dissatisfied with the Co-op, or you are no longer able to use your ownership. Please contact our Front End Manager, Madelon (mgivens@newleafmarket.coop), or speak with your cashier for the form.
  • In the case that you are dissatisfied with the co-op, we would love the opportunity to correct the issue. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns at nlm@newleafmarket.coop, or the Board of Directors at board@newleafmarket.coop.


General Information

Where can I go for more information?

  • Interested owners are invited to the next Board meeting (September 25) and the Annual Meeting (October 7).
  • Anyone can call or email our General Manager, Ben Goldberg, at (850)942-2557 ext. 239 or ben@newleafmarket.coop.
  • Keep an eye on this page. We will update as new information and questions pop up.
  • You can follow us on Facebook for updates.





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