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Natural & Organic Grocery in Tallahassee, FL


USDA Organic BrochureOrganic Grocery shopping has never been easier. Our shelves are stocked with natural and organic alternatives to your favorite foods. You can rest knowing that your grocery cart is free of artificial flavors and colors. Our selection includes vegetarian, vegan and wheat-free options. From cereal to frozen pizzas, canned beans, peanut butter or tea, we have everything you need.

The dairy case offers a wide selection of yogurts with active cultures, cheeses, eggs, soy milk and rice milk. Our milk is free of hormones and antibiotics.

Fair Trade CertifiedFor wellness, we carry a wide variety of natural vitamins, herbal supplements and minerals.

Cleaning your house can be safe and eco-friendly. We offer a large selection of cleaning and household products that make going green simple and easy.

Is it time to downsize your pantry? Check out our bulk section. Buy as little or as much as you like. Buying bulk not only saves unwanted food from spoiling, it also eliminates excess packaging and waste.


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