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New Leaf Market Co-op Community Art Wall Featured Artist of the Month: Direne Esparza

Our Deli Seating area is a free space available to anyone. It’s ideal for office meetings book clubs, support groups, wellness talks and more. We are also proud to offer wall space to local artist to display their artwork in a public space.  Meet our featured artist for February, Direne Esparza

When did you first become interested in art?

I first became interested in art when my dad sent me a letter with a drawing he made of a cat. I turned the drawing around and tried to mimic his drawing when I was about three years old. To see a beautiful cat drawn on a piece of paper was a way for me to understand that something real could become fiction and this fiction at some point was real.  

If you could work within a past art movement, which would it be?

If I could work with a past movement, I would definitely choose surrealism. In the 20th century, surrealism used dreams and imagination as an inspiration. Surrealism explores the human mind and I am interested on how humans interact with themselves, each other and their surroundings. In my opinion, surrealism makes what seems impossible, possible in paintings.  

Which artist of the past would you like to meet?

I would like to have met Frida Kahlo. Her art is not only meaningful, it turns pain into beauty. She was brave to understand her pain, and to turn it into a painting.  

How would you define beauty?

Beauty for me is: Truthful, simple and complicated, colorful and colorless, Free, painful, sun and rain.

Why do you love what you do?

If there is something, we should all do, is something we love. Art is a way for me to express the love that I feel towards justice, freedom and respect. Art helps me see things in different colors and perspectives. Seeing things in more than one way helps me navigate through the world of thoughts, problems and solutions.  

To read Direne’s artist statement and view more of her pieces, please visit our Deli seating area in February.

If you would like to purchase the featured artwork, please contact the artist directly by emailing direne_esparza@hotmail.com .

If you’d like to be our next featured artist or if your would like to reserve space in our seating area, please email afletcher@newleafmarket.coop


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