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Shop Your Co-op First

Natural Times, September/October 2019

The co-op’s founding owners wanted affordable, healthy food and creating a buying club that soon became the Leon County Food Co-op (now New Leaf Market Co-op) was the way to achieve that goal. There was a need and the Co-op filled it. Is there still a need the Co-op can fulfill? I believe so and am directly asking for your support by shopping first at the store you own. Statistically, the average household shops three different stores to satisfy their regular grocery needs. The grocery dollars you spend at the co-op determines the goods and services we are able to provide you. I know what the co-op can accomplish when you choose to spend your grocery dollars here: a wider variety of products, fewer empty places on the shelves, more staff to assist you with your questions and purchases, more seminars and richer community involvement, to name a few.

Money spent at the co-op means something different than when it’s spent at a corporate competitor. Dollars given to corporate competitors equate to “what are we getting from customers” whereas dollars spent at your co-op equate to “what can we give to others”. While corporate CEO’s line their pockets with their proceeds, the co-op is a not-for-profit business that donates to local organizations and causes, puts on events for the community, supports other local businesses through buying and selling, and gives food to those less fortunate. We deliver food to the schools our shoppers’ children go to, raise money for our neighbors who suffer tragedies, and are always improving on being as green as possible to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment around us.

Some of our owners and supporters of cooperatives are choosing to overlook these ideals by shopping at our corporate, for-profit competitors. But every dollar not spent at your co-op shortens its life and lessens our ability to serve you and our community in ways only a local, cooperative business can. By giving our competitors the dollars that the Co-op needs to be successful, one is essentially saying, “Thanks, but no thanks…,” to our presence in the Tallahassee community. The Co-op was established – and has thrived for over 45 years – with the help of the community, and now it needs your support in order to survive.

The world wasn’t so different in the early 1970’s when New Leaf Market Co-op was founded. Even though the Co-op has gone through many changes over the years, throughout all of this we have stayed true to our mission statement while also keeping the love alive that the original founders had for the Co-op in the 70’s.  We take pride in what we do because it makes Tallahassee a better place, which is more than our corporate competitors can say.

If the Co-op is important to you, bring your grocery dollars back to the business you own so that New Leaf Market Co-op can return that support full circle.

Benjamen Goldberg, General Manager



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