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Local Spotlight: Southern Craft Creamery

Natural Times, May/June 2019

The temperature is rising and staying cool is on all of our minds. Now is the time to enjoy the summer months and have a nice bowl of ice cream! What better way to celebrate summer than digging into our favorite local scoop, Southern Craft Creamery!  Located in Marianna, Florida, this dairy farmer is our Spotlight Vendor of the season!

At what point did you know that you would work with ice cream for a living?
As dairy farmers, we've always wanted to create a value added dairy product. As time went by we also realized that some consumers had misconceptions about where their food came from. We wanted the opportunity to share with consumers our story, share how food is produced (ice cream and milk in our case), and how we care for our animals and our land.

What distinguishes Southern Craft Creamery from other ice cream?
We are a farm-to-table product. We are producing ice cream from non-homogenized milk. Each batch of our ice cream is hand crafted. We bring milk from the farm each morning. That milk is made into ice cream that same day. We ensure that each batch has a clean ingredient label. We are most interested in letting the taste of milk and cream shine through in the ice cream no matter what the flavor. All of our flavors are created in house. The only flavor that is purchased is vanilla. We buy as many local products as possible to make our flavors. We enjoy sharing the hard work of other local farmers through our ice cream.

What are your top selling flavors, and why do you think that’s the case?
 Our top selling flavors for the last couple of years have been our Salty Caramel and Salted Dark Chocolate. We believe they stay on top because of the sweet/salty combination. The caramel is produced by caramelizing the sugar which would naturally go in the ice cream. Our chocolates are made using a chocolate from French Broad Chocolates in Asheville, North Carolina.

Who gets input when it comes to flavors that you serve?
Everyone has an opportunity to suggest flavors. We get inspiration from eating out and enjoying the flavors chefs are pairing on their menu, suggestions from chefs we serve, from our customers and of course our staff.

What’s your favorite aspect of having a shop in Marianna?
Our favorite aspect of having a shop in Marianna is providing and sharing with our community. We enjoy the day-to-day interactions with our local consumers plus we enjoy sharing our community and what it has to offer with our customers visiting our area.

What’s your favorite part about working in the ice cream community?
Our best friends are in the dairy community. After Hurricane Michael, which devastated our community, our dairy friends all showed up with equipment to clear our farm roads so we would be able to feed and care for our cows. They brought generators, fuel and food, and they also made donations to local food distribution spots. Not only did they deliver supplies, they stayed and worked with us in the days after the hurricane. There are no better families than farm families. Farm families understand the commitment to care for animals regardless of the circumstances.

For more information about Southern Craft Creamery, visit their website at: southerncraftcreamery.com and to purchase their products, visit New Leaf Market Co-op!


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