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Election 2018


Voting period open October 6-19, 2018.

Meet the candidates at the Annual Meeting on October 6, or read the candidate's statements online.

There are two (2) openings on the Board, so you may vote for up to two (2) candidates.

Each primary owner may vote in the election (one owner = one ballot).

Casting a Vote

Option 1: Vote at the Annual Ownership Meeting, on Saturday, October 6, 10 am-12 pm, at the American Legion Hall at Lake Ella.

Option 2: You may download and print the ballot below, or complete one in-store, between 8:00 am, Sunday, October  and 10 pm, Friday, October 19.

Option 3: Mail the completed ballot, postmarked on or before October 19, to the following address: 

BOD Election Committee
New Leaf Market Co-op
1235 Apalachee Parkway

Tallahassee, FL 32301-4543

Instructions For Voting (these must be followed for your vote to be valid):

Step 1: Select up to three (2) board candidates by marking the box next to the candidate’s name. (If you make any changes, draw a line through the option you do NOT want).

Step 2: Place your completed ballot in an envelope and write your name, address and owner number on the outside of the envelope.

Step 3: Seal and drop the sealed envelope into the ballot box.


  • Do not write your name or owner number on the ballot.
  • If your name, address and owner number are not included on the envelope, your vote will not be counted.

NEW for 2018:
An Associate Owner May Vote In Place Of Primary Owner. In the event a ballot is cast by an associate owner and a ballot for that owner number has not been cast by the primary owner, a presumption will be made that rights of primary ownership have been assigned to the associate owner and the vote will be counted.

Candidate Statements

Annual Meeting

Meet the Current Board

Download 2018 Ballot





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