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Steve Kobs Named General Manager of New Leaf Market Co-op

Steve Kobs will be the next General Manager of New Leaf Market Co-op. “We feel really lucky to get Steve. He has excellent management experience and has great knowledge about co-op leadership,” shared Board President June Wiaz. “Others who have worked with Steve say he is level-headed and insightful,” added June, “Even in the short time we have known him, Steve has been enthusiastic and has already contributed smart ideas.” Steve’s work experience includes leadership positions in food co-ops in Minneapolis,...

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Plum Crazy
July/August/September 2016 Natural Times

Reprinted by permission from StrongerTogether.coop. Find articles about your food and where it comes from, recipes and more at www.strongertogether.coop.

Know why “plum pudding” is so named? It’s clearly not because it’s full of plums (since it’s usually made with nary a plum). Well, during the Middle Ages “plum” meant any dried fruit, so “plum pudding” is really an assorted-dried...

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